Becoming a Ludo Ambassador: Your Journey to Influence and Rewards in Web3

Are you passionate about Web3 and eager to be a prominent voice in the community? Consider becoming a Ludo Ambassador — it could be your next big move!

Why Choose to Be a Ludo Ambassador?

Being a Ludo Ambassador means recognition and impact. Gain a public tag on Ludo's platforms and social channels, becoming a recognized figure in the community. Additionally, enjoy financial benefits with access to exclusive deals and the chance to be part of the Ludo Ambassador Token Pool, earning a share of Ludo tokens allocated for influencers and marketing efforts.

How to Become a Ludo Ambassador

To earn the prestigious title of a Ludo Ambassador:

  • You first need to be registered as a Ludo Educator
  • Create engaging content for the Ludo community.
  • Actively participate in Ludo's ecosystem, earning clicks and interactions.
  • Achieve a certain Ludo Rank, showcasing commitment and influence.

It's not just about numbers; quality, consistency, and genuine engagement matter. Shine in your efforts, and you could be handpicked to join the ranks.

Maintaining Your Ambassador Status

Once you're in, staying active is key. Lead, engage, and your position on the Ludo Leaderboard will reflect your efforts. Stay driven to maintain your spot!

Ready to champion the Ludo platform? Start creating, sharing, and engaging today