Stepping into the Spotlight: Becoming a Ludo Educator

In the dynamic world of Web3, influencers play a vital role. On Ludo, becoming an influencer opens doors to a world of opportunities.

Why should you become a Ludo Educator?

As a Ludo Educator, you gain access to a central hub of opportunities. You can maximize the value that you offer to your audience by sharing unique opportunities, which allows access to more opportunities for both you and your social following, creating a self-empowered circle of abundance. Leverage social networks for referral benefits and reputation building. Gain visibility on the Ludo Top Educators Dashboard, access Ludo Analytics, and reserve exclusive handles.

Here is an (almost) exhaustive list of benefits that you gain as you become a Ludo Educator:

  • Access to our curated, Centralized Opportunity Hub: Access a comprehensive collection of Web 3 opportunities in one place, greatly reducing your efforts in offering valuable information to your social following.
  • Minimize your risk and increase your social impact: By promoting projects prevalidated by our Ludo Rank algorithm, you can minimize your risk and liabilities regarding the quality of the referred projects and opportunities.
  • Maximize value for your audiences by offering access to unique opportunities through Ludo. Audiences gain access to opportunities and increased XP, indirectly leading to access to more (and higher value) opportunities.
  • Leverage your Social Network with Referral Benefits and Reputation Building: Gain experience points (XP) based on your social reach, enhancing web3 reputation. Benefit from your social leverage for a wide range of rewards
  • Visibility on Ludo Top Educators Leaderboard: The influencers with the highest impact in the ecosystem will be rewarded with extra visibility through our Ludo Top Educators Leaderboard
  • Gain access to Ludo Analytics: Gain access to unique, curated reports based on our AI-driven Ludo tools and Analytics related to your referred audiences and key projects.
  • Exclusive Handle Reservation: Early access influencers have the chance to reserve a unique handle on, subject to availability.
  • Possibility to advance to Ambassador or Curator: Through our gamified progress system, it is possible to advance to the rank of Ludo Ambassador or Ludo Curator, which brings additional benefits

How do you become a Ludo Educator?

To become a beacon in the Web3 world you just need to get in touch with us and we will guide you through the onboarding process. Just as a spoiler, here are the main steps:

  • Be an active registered user with a connected wallet.
  • Refer people to Ludo — aim for at least 50!
  • Share opportunities widely, aiming for clicks to prove your influence.
  • Once you reach a certain threshold Ludo will offer you to become a Ludo Educator

Maintaining Your Educator Status

It's not just about getting there; it's about staying there. Keep engaging, sharing, and being the awesome Web3 and Ludo Educator you are. Your influence could lead to becoming a Ludo Ambassador or even a Ludo Curator, with more benefits. Start your journey as a Ludo Educator today and see where your influence can take you!