Ludo Rank - the Cross-Chain Reputation Layer for Web3

What is Ludo Rank?

Ludo Rank is the Cross-Chain Reputation Layer for Web3 that brings together reputation across different chains.

Ludo Rank - OnChain Reputation Layer for Web3

How Ludo Rank Works

Ludo Rank uses a deep understanding of reputation dynamics, like search engine ranking algorithms, to significantly improve matchmaking accuracy. This accuracy makes the discovery experience in the Web3 ecosystem much better, helping users connect with the right content, people, and digital assets more easily.

Mechanics of Ludo Rank

Ludo Rank sets up a sophisticated flow of reputation throughout the Web3 ecosystem, starting from Projects (Collections) to Assets (NFTs), and finally to the Holder.

This reputation flow doesn't stop there; it goes back, moving from Holders to new Projects (Collections) where users are minting NFTs. This creates a dynamic reputation feedback loop that continuously updates in real-time for three main entities:

This reputation flow doesn't stop there; it reverses, flowing back from Holders to the new Projects (Collections) where users 

  • User (blockchain address)
  • Asset (Fungible/Non Fungible Token)
  • Project (Smart Contract)

Ludo Rank gathers data directly from on-chain sources through event listeners that monitor and capture new transactions across all integrated chains. This data is then collected, indexed, and processed using Ludo’s infrastructure, ensuring thorough analysis and distribution through Ludo APIs and different interfaces tailored for specific user needs.

Transparency in Algorithm Development  

What makes Ludo Rank special is its transparent approach to algorithm development. Instead of being a closed system controlled only by the Ludo Team, it involves the community. The Ludo DAO plays a crucial role, sharing decision-making power for integrating new factors into the algorithm, and ensuring it changes according to community needs and insights.

Ludo Rank empowers users by allowing them to bring their reputation back on-chain whenever they want. This reputation, which is naturally linked to the user, can be permanently tied to them by minting the Ludo Rank as a Soulbound NFT on any supported chain. In simpler terms, a Soulbound NFT means that once the Ludo Rank is minted as an NFT, its ownership and characteristics are forever connected to that specific user's blockchain address. This offers a flexible tool for displaying and utilizing reputation within the Web3 space, ensuring that a user's reputation stays with them wherever they go on the blockchain.

Benefits of Using Ludo Rank  

  1. Establish and Grow Your Personal Brand: With Ludo Rank, you can stand out and grow your personal brand within the Web3 space, gaining visibility and recognition in the community.

  2. Access an Exclusive Web3 VIP Network: A high Ludo Rank lets you join an elite circle within the Web3 community, showcasing recognition for your past interactions and engagement with high-reputation Web3 projects.

  3. Enjoy Rewards Across the Web3 Ecosystem: As a user with a high reputation, you'll enjoy rewards not only from Ludo but from any project seeking to engage with top-tier Web3 users. This means you'll receive real value and acknowledgment from various parts of the Web3 space, simply for having proven credibility.

Between the Lines

Web3 promises a decentralized, dynamic digital world, but navigating it can be tough. Ludo Rank helps bridge this gap, offering a structured, insightful way to explore Web3. It's more than just a tool; it's a companion on your journey, ensuring every step leads to something valuable, enjoyable, and uniquely suited to you.