What is Ludo?

Ludo is The Web3 Reputation-Driven Discovery Engine

By prioritizing users with higher reputations, Ludo emphasizes the significance of On-Chain Reputation, positioning reputation as the new currency. This curated approach enriches the ecosystem experience for all participants.

Discovering Ludo: The Future of Web3 Engagement and Discovery

In the digital era where Web3 is revolutionizing online interactions, Ludo emerges as a transformative platform reshaping how we explore, engage, and establish reputation within the blockchain domain. But what exactly is Ludo, and why is it capturing the attention of enthusiasts and experts alike?

How Ludo Works: A Reputation-Based Discovery Engine

At its core, Ludo utilizes an on-chain reputation algorithm called Ludo Rank, evaluating the reputation of users, projects, and assets across the Web3 landscape. This innovative method facilitates a more precise and tailored discovery journey, linking users with opportunities aligned with their interests and engagement levels.

Top Benefits for Users

  • Discover best-matching opportunities effortlessly.
  • Access premium opportunities based on reputation levels across different chains; higher reputations unlock more opportunities.
  • Display reputation levels simply as a cross-chain compounded score ranging from 1 to 100, making it easily understandable for all participants in this space.
  • Stay informed about opportunities from all Web3 investments with Ludo. Never miss prequalified airdrops, VIP event invites, exclusive product launches, or engagement-boosting benefits again.
  • Effortlessly safeguard against scams.
  • Enhance reputation with each distinct action on the blockchain.

Top Benefits for Projects

  • Web3 User Acquisition: Easily expand user base by acquiring prequalified users.
  • Increase user engagement by leveraging Ludo as a communication channel targeting users based on their reputation and blockchain holdings.
  • Maintain value in the ecosystem by rewarding genuine users with appropriate reputation and engagement levels, while mitigating airdrop hunting bot networks during airdrop campaigns.
  • Enhance project value by offering users engaging with their project additional benefits, including a Reputation Boost that aids users not only in their interactions with the project but also with others in the space.
  • Enhance Project Trust Level by providing transparency.

Joining the Ludo Ecosystem  

Engaging with Ludo is straightforward. Whether you're a Web3 enthusiast eager to discover the next big project, keen to showcase your on-chain reputation, or a Web3 builder seeking a secure and reliable method to acquire more users and expand your audience, Ludo offers the tools and platform to enrich your digital journey. Its user-friendly interface, designed with a Web3 mindset, ensures Ludo is accessible to all participants in the Web3 space.